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New Year 2012As we start a new year, it is a great time to reflect on the year that was and set our goals for next year. In addition to coming up with resolution, I think it is also a great opportunity to review your social media presence and evaluate what worked last year and what didn’t. Use this time to verify that your privacy settings are correct and that all your information is current.

This is the first in a series of three blog posts with steps you should take immediately to make sure you are using social media effectively in developing your personal brand. Don’t let this period of self-reflection pass without critically evaluating how you are using technology to communicate. In this first post I detail the three area of your LinkedIn profile that you need to revisit.

Your Profile Photo
Is your LinkedIn profile picture a good reflection of who you are? Is the picture old or just plain bad?

If your photo isn’t good, make a resolution right now to have a new photo taken. Here are some more tips to make sure you have a great LinkedIn profile photo. I recommend that you have a professional take the picture. At a minimum have a family member, friend, or coworker operate the camera. Please don’t take a self picture unless you a trained photographer. They almost always look bad.

Your Profile Headline
The headline is the area below your name that typically includes your title and company name. It is one of the first places on your profile that viewers notice.

The first step is to make sure that the headline is accurate. But you can do better than this. Picking the words that you use in your headline strategically will help get you closer to the top of the search results and get you noticed more.

The summary is your introduction to the people visiting your profile. Is it still accurate? Do you even have anything filled in for it?

Take a few minutes and think about how you would introduce yourself to someone you meet at a party. What would you say about your background? What aspects of your job would you highlight? These details need to be in your summary.



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  • Ivan Temelkov

    These are some great points Nick. As a matter of fact it’s something that I’ve been wanting to get around to ensure that my LinkedIn profile is up-to-par. The previous year should serve as a prime example in pointing out successful strategies while outlining problematic areas.

    Great post!

  • Kumar Gauraw

    Hi Nick,

    Good points for every professional in the marketplace. LinkedIn is a serious place to network and I believe there is a huge potential there.
    Having a good profile is absolutely important to the personal branding strategy for anybody. Thanks for sharing!