Uploading Your Resume to LinkedIn

Box.net logoOne of the most common questions I hear about Linked is, “Where do I put my resume?”

This is an interesting question and has multiple answers. Let’s go through them…

The simplest answer is that you don’t put your resume on LinkedIn. While LinkedIn allows you to upload your resume to the service, it doesn’t actually preserve the resume in its original format. Instead, the service extracts all of the relevant information use the document to populate your LinkedIn profile.

The official party line is that LinkedIn is a replacement for your resume. But unlike a standard paper resume, it gives you the opportunity to really customize the document and not be bound by the typical restrictions of a resume. Your LinkedIn profile doesn’t need to be limited to 1 or 2 pages. It can (and should) include a photo. It should also include recommendations from former coworkers, clients, and professors.

That was a great answer, right? Unfortunately, it is probably not the one that people asking the question were really looking for. So, what’s the alternative answer?

LinkedIn, on its own, does not allow you post documents on your profile. Luckily, the folks at LinkedIn recognized that many of their members would need to be able to extend the abilities of the site for many uses. They introduced LinkedIn applications for purposes just like this. I previously profiled the Amazon Reading List application for LinkedIn that allows you to use Amazon’s book database to show your business contacts what books you currently reading or want to read in the future.

To post Word documents and PDFs to LinkedIn, you will want to use the Box.Net application. box.net is a service that allows you to store your documents on the web for retrieval from any computer. The box.net application for LinkedIn allows you to post some of these files to your LinkedIn profile.

This application is a great way to share your formatted resume, writing samples, Powerpoint presentations, and other files that potential employers, customers, and business partners would like to see.



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  • pretap

    Thanks for posting but you never actually said whether or not it’s a good idea, for one to even add their resume (or try) this site??

  • http://www.abrandedyou.com Nick Gilham

    I think that box.net is a great way to add your resume to your LinkedIn profile. I think that the purpose of your resume is slightly different than your LinkedIn profile so posting the formatted version of your resume is a good idea.